Friday, September 7, 2012

Child Poverty Insights

We hope that you already read and use Child Poverty Insights (CPI) - a UNICEF online publication for sharing insights, experiences and innovative developments on issues of child poverty, deprivation and inequity. Since we launched the series in August 2009, we have published 21 Insights on a variety of topics, and these have been well-received by thousands of people in over 150 countries.  Starting from April 2012, each CPI now responds one of three important areas of child poverty and inequity, namely: 
  • Evidence: where high quality research results that focus on children’s inequity issues are reported
  • Think Pieces: where new approaches to measuring or approaching child poverty and inequity are introduced
  • Practice: where real-world programmes are discussed to show examples of ‘best practice’ in responding to child poverty and inequity

Our refocus is one to be more responsive to suggestions from those working on child poverty.  We hope that this approach can allow a wider circulation as well as increased levels of contributions from those working in applied research, NGOs and in the field. We especially encourage those working in the field to share suggestions with us and our new ‘Practice’ theme will be specifically aimed to share lessons on what works across practitioners and analysts among the readership of CPI and on the Child Poverty Network.

We look forward to another year of insightful, relevant and practical Child Poverty Insights, and hope these pieces will be useful to you.

The Child Poverty Insights Team

Martin C. Evans
Solrun Engilbertsdottir
UNICEF Division for Policy and Strategy, New York HQ