Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Global Child Poverty & Well-Being"

Child poverty is a central and present part of global life, with hundreds of millions of children around the world enduring tremendous suffering and deprivation of their most basic needs. Despite its long history, research on poverty and development has only relatively recently examined the issue of child poverty as a distinct topic of concern. The recently released book “Global Child Poverty and Well-Being: Measurement, Concepts, Policy and Action” brings together theoretical, methodological and policy-relevant contributions by leading researchers on international child poverty. It examines how child poverty and well-being are now conceptualized, defined and measured, and presents regional- and national-level portraits of child poverty around the world, in rich, middle-income and poor countries. The book's ultimate objective is to promote and influence policy, action and the research agenda to address one of the world's great on-going tragedies: child poverty, marginalization and inequality.

For information on the launch of the book in New York click here and to get a copy of the book click here