Friday, January 28, 2011

The Children Left Behind: A League Table of Inequality in child well-being in the world’s rich countries

'The Children Left Behind' report presents a first overview of inequalities in child well-being for 24 OECD countries. The report focuses on the relative gap between children in the bottom of the distribution with those occupying the median. Three dimensions of well-being are examined: material, education, and health. In each case, the question asked is 'how far behind are children being allowed to fall?' and why are some countries doing so much better at protecting their most vulnerable children.

To download the full report, click here. 

The figure below is one of many interesting comparisons made in the report, this figures compares the child poverty rates of 21 OECD countries before and after taxes and benefits.

Meet three young boys from similarly impoverished backgrounds, but from different countries. This short film allows these boys to relate themselves what it is like to be among the most disadvantaged children in their respective societies.

The author of Children Left Behind, Peter Adamson, discusses which countries are allowing their children to fall behind, and the consequences for the children, the economy and the society.