Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Progress survey - overview

The majority of the countries participating in the Global Study have now completed the February '09 on-line Progress Survey.

The greater part of the participating countries are now in advanced stages of completing the study, having completed 75% or more of the policy/statistical templates and 50% or more of the analysis. Three countries have completed the study and published their study reports, that is Mali, Congo Brazzaville and Democratic Republic of Congo (click here for these reports). The majority of the countries plan on sending their draft reports for peer review (click here for further information on the peer review process).

Many of the countries have experienced similiar challenges in carrying out their studies, the most prominent being lack of data or lack of reliable data, as well as limited access to available data, in particular budget related information. Additionally, a number of countries have experience challenges regarding capacity within the country, such as engaging competent consultants to undertake the study.

For those countries that are yet to complete the survey, please take five minutes and complete the survey now, click here to begin the survey.

Focal point: Solrun Engilbertsdottir, sengilbertsdottir@unicef.org