Monday, December 29, 2008

Peer review

A Peer Review System has been set up for countries participating in the Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities to have their country draft reports reviewed prior to being published. A roster of experts, internal and external, will support this process and the reviews are based on specific guidelines. Numerous countries have already made use of this peer review support, through which their statistical and policy templates and draft reports have been peer reviewed. Country teams received suggestions on how to improve the quality of their analysis and strengthen the key messages of their reports.

We encourage Global Study teams to ensure their reports are peer reviewed. The time frame of peer review depends on the availability of peer reviewers, please alert us in good time if you would like to have your products reviewed, preferably no less than 2 weeks in advance, and once we have received them allow for approximately 7-10 days for feedback. Each draft country report will only be peer reviewed once. . It is therefore advised that countries send drafts for review that are in advanced stages, not preliminary stages, however the drafts cannot be in final stages which leaves little room for incorporating peer review recommendations.

Countries that are interested in having their reports, policy and statistical templates reviewed, please contact Solrun Engilbertsdottir