Monday, November 3, 2008

Global Study CEE/CIS workshop

The UNICEF CEE/CIS regional office organized a 2 day workshop in Odessa in early October ’08 where participating countries in the region discussed progress, challenges and the way forward for the Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities. Amongst the outcomes of the workshop was the recognition that the child poverty studies have the potential of contributing significantly at the national level during these volatile times as countries begin to feel the fall-out of the global economic slowdown. Studies should be responsive to current issues such as the impact of food and energy price increases on vulnerable groups.

During the workshop it was emphasized that the child poverty study should be tailored to the country context and each country should be pragmatic in what can be realistically achieved given constraints they face, decide on the extent of analysis needed in each area and pinpoint policy actions that address each of these areas. Following the workshop it was decided that countries adjust their study design to include the poverty analysis using different poverty thresholds and overlap analysis, impact assessment of existing social protection schemes and simple modeling of alternative policy options. Overall the analysis should focus on 2-3 major messages rather than becoming too broad and expansive.

The timeline for countries in the region vary; however the majority of the participating countries will be finalizing the study by spring 2009.

Click here for presentations from this workshop.

Focal Point: Gordon Alexander,