Friday, March 14, 2008

Social Protection in Africa: Lessons from Experience

Chronic Poverty Research Center is initiating a Conference on ‘Social Protection in Africa: Lessons from Experience’, which will be held in Uganda on September 8-10, 2008. The Conference aims to involve all the main organisations working on social protection in the region. UNICEF is invited to become a full partner in the Conference, specifically in participating at the Conference as well as contributing into its organisation and financing.
The agenda for the Conference is to allocate the first two days to a thorough study of current social protection initiatives in the region, with a view to sharing experiences and drawing out insights and lessons to guide future work. The third day of the Conference will be set aside for a high-level Round Table to report on and disseminate the findings from the Conference.
Please see call for papers and a concept note for the Conference for more information.