Monday, May 16, 2011

Latest Publications & Research on Child Poverty

There are a number of publications and peer-reviewed research papers on global child poverty published in the last year.

Acute Multidimensional Poverty: A New Index for Developing Countries
(Alkire, S. & Santos, M.E; Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative; Working Paper #38, July 2010.)

This paper presents a new Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) for 104 developing countries. It is the first time multidimensional poverty is estimated using micro datasets (household surveys) for such a large number of countries which cover about 78 percent of the world´s population. The MPI has the mathematical structure of one of the Alkire and Foster poverty multidimensional measures and it is composed of ten indicators corresponding to same three dimensions as the Human Development Index: Education, Health and Standard of Living. The MPI captures a set of direct deprivations that batter a person at the same time. This tool could be used to target the poorest, track the Millennium Development Goals, and design policies that directly address the interlocking deprivations poor people experience. This paper presents the methodology and components in the MPI, describes main results, and shares basic robustness tests.
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Child Welfare in Developing Countries

(Cockburn, J. and Kabubo-Mariara, J. eds; International Development Research Centre; 2010)
Child poverty is of urgent concern, yet understudied. This introduction outlines the importance of this issue before providing an outline of the papers included in this book. A first set of papers pushes traditional income-based poverty analysis to focus on the issue of identification and measurement of child poverty in a multidimensional framework. The second set of papers evaluate the impact of selected policy interventions on child welfare in developing countries using a variety of new techniques.

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