Thursday, January 17, 2008

Statistical Working Tables: Now Available in EXCEL

The Excel version of the Statistical Template is now available- also featured in the helpful resources section of this blog.

This workbook provides the Statistical Working Tables for the Global Study on child poverty and disparities. Four worksheets are included: (i) Introduction Sheet, (ii) Locked Country Template (for reference), (iii) Country Template, and (iv) Additional Tables. While country teams are ultimately responsible for the content of this workbook, additional support will be provided by International Partner Institutes as well as UNICEF HQ, as indicated in the Global Study Guide and in the Working Tables Introduction Sheet. For any queries regarding these tables, please contact the Global HQ Team at:

The Purpose:

  • To serve as a resource to be shared with all country teams creating a global database of child poverty indicators
  • To be used as a working tool for the country teams in concert with the policy template
  • To provide a standard template that may be amended and supplemented by country teams in order to address the local context
  • To create a reference for the regional and global analyses

In order to work with this excel file - enter data or make changes - you will need to download the workbook (in case you don't see the tabs for the individual worksheets, make sure you are in 'full screen' view). Please change the downloaded file name to indicate the country and the date, e.g. Tanzania_GlobalWorkingTables_monthday.xls", and rename the third worksheet, titled "country template"so that it indicates the name of the country (example: "Tanzania Template").