Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Questions from Egypt

From Egypt Focal Point Dennis Arends:
In Egypt, in addition to the Study on Child Poverty and Disparities, we are also working on a National Plan of Action, and an Egypt Child Rights index. I see that all these initiatives can/should be linked together: 1) the poverty study forms a basis for the formulation of 2) a the NPA (the original scope and focus of which we will not revisit). Furhter, 3) the child rights index will be constructed on the basis of 4) an agreed national list of child well-being indicators (which will build on the indicators proposed for the Study)... 3 and 4 will both contribute to the mechanism for monitoring the NPA.
? How are other COs are taking the Study as an opportunity to do capacity building on child poverty and perhaps public policy and children in general?
? Any ideas for linking the Study in with other relevant and ongoing work in the Country?

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